Junior coaching

From tots to teens, ages 2 to 17, my junior coaching programme is designed to be fun and engaging while teaching the technical, tactical and physical fundamentals of tennis. I follow the LTA’s junior coaching structure, which splits young tennis players into different age groups:

Mini Tennis: Ages 2 to 10

As well as basic technique and tactics, children work on exercises and drills to improve Agility, Balance and Coordination, the ABCs. Mini Tennis is played on smaller courts with different coloured low-pressure balls, depending on their age:

  • mini-tennis-logo2-5 years: Tots Tennis with foam balls
  • 5-8 years: Mini Tennis Red with red balls
  • 8-9 years: Mini Tennis Orange with orange balls
  • 10+ years: Mini Tennis Green with green balls

Find out more about the different categories of Mini Tennis
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Junior Tennis: Ages 11+

Junior coaching focusses on four main areas:
Tactical – understanding patterns of play through the 5 game-play situations
Technical – learning efficient and effective tennis stroke and footwork technique
Physical – development of agility, balance, stamina, speed, reactions and coordination 
Mental – building confidence, communication, control, commitment, concentration and teamwork